James Heslin

I'm a full-time software developer from Limerick, Ireland. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Limerick's Multimedia and Computer Games Development course. I love playing games, programming, and many things in between.



At the moment I am working for Demonware as a software engineer. My spare time is typically divided between playing videogames, developing videogames or web applications, reading, and socialising with friends.


After graduating in 2013 I worked for Electricity Exchange as a software engineer for two years, building the systems that let them collect extremely high-resolution electricity data and make it available to customers easily, as well as allowing remote control of generators from a web interface.

I have worked for several start-up companies for experience, and as a tutor in the University's ICT Learning Centre. For two and a half years I was on the committee of the University's Games Society, including one year as President.


I have a WordPress blog which I used for various assignments in my final year of university, as well as some game development musings. It's very quiet, now, but I hope to start adding entries again soon.



This is a series of posts about a cross-section of different things I have made.


Old Website

I don't believe in throwing things away if they might still be useful, so I am including here my original website, kindly hosted by the University's Computer Society.

Old Website


Get in touch if you need me for anything.


I adapted one of the open-source StartBootstrap themes, 'Grayscale', to make this page. I highly recommend you take a look at their website if you are looking for some professional-looking, adaptable themes.